Day in Notting Hill

Not that long ago, me and my friends decided to explore beautiful area of London – Notting Hill. This name might be familiar to you, if you are Julia Roberts fan. In 1999, which is almost 20 years ago, came out a movie with her, called exactly “Notting Hill” . 



What makes Notting Hill worth seeing?

Can write a lot about it, but let me show you it with pictures. Honestly, I have been living right next to London for 3 years now, and I haven’t heard or felt the need to see it. All I can do it now, is to fix it by showing you guys this are by photographs. Hope it will inspire you to seeing it by yourself in reality!

So, let’s get it started!


Colorful buildings

Colorful buildings for sure! Everywhere you go, you can see walls covered in paintings or simply colors of rainbow.

Have you noticed those monkeys climbing the building? Art is in details! 🙂

Pink and blue colors are amazing combination! Completely feel in love in those!





Portobello Road Market

It is most known from market with antiques, fresh food, flowers and vintage things. Indeed, almost all of the stalls were eye – catching!

Food stalls are like from dream…fresh croissants, fruits.. Just have a look!

Pastries in the shop shown above were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! I have tried for the first time Chocolate Pretzel… So yummy, you need to try it when you will be here!

All delivered by personalized Portobello Van! 😀 with my favorite bananas !

Coming to the art and clothes:

Alice’s Shop is really “instagrammable” place / shop in London! I love things from the past, so this place was perfect call! Red themed place is full with British Antiques starting from history books, vintage bottles, porcelain..  You can find there as well very interesting things for yourself!


“Instagrammable” coffee shops and boutiques

Biscuiteers! Display of cakes, muffins looks beyond brilliant and so delicious! This Cafe is located in really quiet area of Notting Hill, so worth visiting!



Vintage shops

Makes you want to come back to previous centuries!




I had fun that day! Remembered that enjoying little things it’s what life is about. I love exploring, I tend to think that exploring and discovering world happens “out there” in another country, another continent… But you would miss so much if you didn’t start exploring cities that are right under your nose! So is London that big town, which I’ve just started to explore. And I am so happy and excited about next trips!