6 Series on Netflix Worth Watching

Good afternoon gorgeous people! I am recently getting lots of questions “What to watch. That means I have an opinion of being addicted to new series within my friends! 😛

So, in this short post, I’d like to do a summary of what’s worth watching this winter on Netflix. Obviously it will be subjective, as you don’t have to fancy what I like, but maybe you will find at least one new inspiration 😉


1. Dynasty

This series is basically based on 1980’s soap opera called the same.

Money, intrigues, big city, sarcastic and fun quotes – sounds like cliché? Might be, but not necessarily. I would describe it though as “Gossip Girl” for adults.

Fashion, luxury lifestyle, owning a businesses, mansion, scandal – probably would make top 5 hashtags of the series on Instagram.

Lots of scandals, plots twists and..Spanish language, as half of the roles played by actors comes from Colombia. So,

I love watching it, as you can simply relax for 40 minutes. Excited for every Thursday that new episode is coming in.


Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6128300/mediaviewer/rm1592860672


2. Riverdale


For me – addictive. Show about kids from high school with dark secrets, that love to rebel. It’s also about true friendship between Betty and Veronica, which might seemed to be impossible in the first few episodes, and now they are inseparable.

First season was in my opinion quite darker with lots of murders, and kids were trying to figure out on their own who did it.

This series is not special than other, I have to admit it. But it’s got something in it, that you want to see what happens in next episode. So be aware, before watching first episode, that you might get hooked up!


Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5420376/mediaviewer/rm3055493888


3. Victoria

Actress playing Victoria – Jenna Coleman is gorgeous and I can’t imagine other actress playing this role!

She is playing Queen of United Kingdom and Ireland (historic character) Show focuses on her early years of reign, and the moment when she became the Queen (while she was 18 years old).

It’s incredibly fascinating, interesting, and majority of the series is based on facts. To be fair, I got so into it, that after every episode I was checking and reading about an actual history of Great Britain what will happen next! You can actually read Queen’s Victoria Day by Day Diary, which was released to public by Royal Archives.

Sometimes I wish I was in that century! So much more culture and those beautiful dresses.

Source: Http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5137338/mediaviewer/rm3322360064


4. The Crown

Series is about Queen Elisabeth II reign. Same as with “Victoria”, episodes were constructed in excellent way, telling story what happened in the past, actual events but in a really interesting way. Are you a fan of British Accent? Well, it’s everywhere. You can fell in love with Claire Foy’s accent !

This movie triggered with me a huge interest about British History. I have read so much about history and royal family and was impressed how creators of the series could show it in such an precise style.

Well researched and told story will leave you with want for more.

Interesting fact: The Crown was announced the most expensive show, as costs of production hit $130 million.


Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4786824/mediaviewer/rm1817466880


5. The Good Place



Really funny! Short episodes (usually around 20 minutes).

Series is about 4 people who during their life on Earth didn’t know each other. After coming across to the second side, the meet each other in a place called “Good Place”. It’s not classical vision of Heaven, but the place where people “earned points” for good behavior.

Despite little fact, that Eleanor thinks that she got there by mistake…

One of my favorites as well!


Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4955642/mediaviewer/rm3693748224


6. Girlboss



After reading a book by Sophia Amoruso “Girlboss” I was really excited to see this Netflix movie!

Main character is a typical “Nasty Gal” who in the beginning is broke, and sick. Later on she finds her strength in being a female entrepreneur. She starts her business on E-Bay, which finally becomes world – known brand.

All based on true story, recommended for all girl – bosses out there!



Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5706996/mediaviewer/rm355873024


Hope you gained some inspirations about which Netflix Series you should watch next! If not, tell me what is your favorite Netflix movie?