I refuse to be average

Recently I had this conversation with my friend, who said to me, that being average is good. Before telling her my opinion, I had to ask: Why?

– It’s safe – she said.

I actually was in shock. Everybody’s got the right to have their own opinion, but limiting yourself, your possibilities and what you can achieve in your life it’s not necessarily great idea. If you only have a faith and you believe in yourself, you are capable of amazing things! So instead of giving her a sermon I’ve challenged her:

-Does that mean you are satisfied with what you have, and you feel like you don’t want to travel more, see more or develop more? That you agree to system from 9-5?

-I am enough with what I have. It’s already difficult to keep what I have already. I don’t have money or power to persuade things you do. I don’t want to stand out. I prefer to live calm and easy life. – She answered.


Infinite possibilites

Ha! I thought, there we go. It’s really troublesome to convince that kind of person in short conversation, that by just ‘being average’ you might not have an easy life. Problem of money or lack of time will not disappear if you will not work for it now. Your dreams will not come true if you will not start persuading them now. It’s simple as that.

It’s sad that so many people with great personalities, with possibilities, connections, decide to be just average. We all have big potential in us! We just need to let NEW come into our lives. We can contribute to the society in many different ways. We can grow, and increase our development. We have infinite possibilities do so. Stop ignoring them!



Everything starts from the decision. That you deserve better life, that you meet with incredible, inspiring people, that you deserve more luxurious lifestyle.

  • No more being average
  • No more of belittling yourself
  • No more excuses

Whatever your decision is, remember, that first comes your decision, then resources.


Start travelling!

Some people might say they don’t travel much enough, because they don’t have the money. Well, I know people that they travel BECAUSE they are broke! And that’s what makes them awesome. They are following their inner voice and they’re not agreeing to be stuck in the situation they are.

I think the best option is to start travelling; to see new cultures, meet new interesting people. That will extend our horizons, and will definitely show that lying low and being average does not bring any advantage into your life.


Believe in yourself!

Uncover your true potential, by simple thoughts “Yes I can do it!”. Visualize your dream lifestyle, with details! You fully deserve it. You’re not worst than others. You are miracle. You’re not a tree with the roots. You can discover world, even by mistakes.



It will enrich you, and you will no longer feel like you an average person. You have baggage of experience, everybody has.

Everything that you have in life right now is a simple consequence of your decisions from the past.

Please don’t limit yourself and your imagination. Don’t be average.

Say YES to infinite possibilities

You have potential to be somebody greater than you already are!