Valentine’s Day in Rome – AirBnb Overview

Why Rome?

Rome has been on my dream list long time. Capital of Italy, abounding with great culture, heritage sites and amazing food; pizza and pasta 😉

Do I have to mention that: Food = Love ?

Speaking about love, I recently read an article classifying Rome in Top 5 Cities, where 14th of February is celebrated. Actually, I wasn’t even surprised! It’s really romantic, and it’s got unique atmosphere which is even visible on photos from narrow streets with coffee shops, or next to beautiful fountains. Truly delightful!


Why AirBnb?

I am in love with Airbnb, so I have decided to do an overview, and see prices for the dates 12.02.2018 – 15.02.2018. Short city break, 3 nights, and Entire Houses to book in Italy. I will answer your question ahead: I know that there are many Tour Operators offering whole packages with hotels, transfers and all inclusive. I am not saying they’re better, worst or cheaper / more expensive.

I am just focusing on my small project: Design Your Journey Yourself 😀

That will include offers airbnb + cheap flights to the destinations.


As I am based in London, I have checked availability and prices of direct flights from right here. The exact days 12th of February – 15th of February 2018 are with airlines: Vueling and Ryanair.

£97  both ways

Airbnb accommodation

Prices that I have checked are for 3 nights, with all deposits, cleaning and fees, for 2 or more people as those are whole houses to rent. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got your second half or you’re independent, you can still enjoy the upcoming day! Invite your friends, family, and automatically overall cost per person will be smaller 🙂

Let’s get started!


Economy airbnb

I. Dalmati House

-price for 3 nights £147 (if 2 people sharing, that’s £73.5 per person)

More information:


II. dH S. Lorenzo

-price for 3 nights £150 (if 2 people sharing, that’s £75 per person)

More information:


III. Mazzini Cottage 

-price for 3 nights £153 (if 2 people sharing, that’s £76.50 per person)

More information:


IV. San Pietro Suite

-price for 3 nights £235 (if 2 people sharing, that’s £117.50 per person)

More information:


Luxury airbnb

Let’s start from my favorite! That one has  private jacuzzi and sauna. I don’t hide the fact that would be great idea to spend Valentine’s Day there! Hint hint!

I. Casa Pigna

-price for 3 nights £399 (if 2 people sharing, that’s £199.50 per person)

More information:


II. Altar of the Fatherland

-great location, with the view of Piazza Venezia

-price for 3 nights £557 (if 2 people sharing, that’s £278.50 per person)

More information:


III. Fontana di Trevi

-another great location, with the view of Trevi Fountain, very Instagramlikeable!

-price for 3 nights £654 (if 2 people sharing, that’s £327 per person)

More information:


IV. Apartments Centro Storico

  • -terrace with a view of a Colloseum, imagine breakfast, sun and this amazing view!
  • -price for 3 nights £664 (if 2 people sharing, that’s £332 per person)
  • More information:



Flights + Accommodation (per person)

a) cheapest version: £170

b) luxury version: £429


It’s not that bad for 4 days in Rome, right? I hope I’ve given you some inspiration, and confidence, that you can make and design your own holidays, city breaks quite affordable! 🙂

Which accommodation would be your favorite out of this set, if you were to choose?

Please do let me know! X