Design your Vision Board with me!

Vision board

Are you feeling stuck in your life? You don’t have purpose or you don’t remember when the last time you truly were happy and laughed?

I am not going to provide you with receipt for happiness, but with a tool, to make your life more meaningful.

Life with vision and dreams is so much more exciting! Having something to look forward to or to work for, and then feel it coming … Passion! That’s what you might miss from your life.

Vision board it’s more about how you see yourself in the future, doing what kind of things, rather than focusing on things that you’d like to have.


So, where to start?

I suggest you to take moment, couple minutes, to write down some answers which will help you create your dream board:

– Which values are really important for you?

–  What would you like pursue in life?

– Who is inspiring you?

– How your future yourself look like? Who and what surrounds you in the future?

– If you’d like to travel and see new cultures, which countries would be Top 5 on your list? How would that make you feel if you knew you’d get there ticket for free?

– Do you have your favorite quotes or sentences that describe you?

– Is your career that you’re pursuing your dream one? If yes, then great! If no, what that career would be?


What will you need?

I. Pin – up (cork) board

II. Push pins

III. Photos, printed pictures, anything that inspires you

IV. Good energy!


Let’s get to work!

I was thinking about doing this vision board for such a long time! But today finally I am getting things done, and I am really excited about that!

I have answered all of the questions and wrote things down. Probably you and I will have different sets of answers, but if you still look for inspirations, I’ve designed some for you!


Key words

Here are some words, that you can print out, and stick to the board 🙂



Sentences / quotes

My favorites for vision board:



I am a travel enthusiast so my vision board will be full with pictures of countries, and key words with quotes.

And now comes the best part! So now you have all of the pictures, and materials in front of you. You can design it however you want, you can divide it into sections:

  • – personal development
  • – body goals
  • – travel goals
  • – important values
  • – things I’d like in life
  • – etc.
  • You can make as many subsections as you wish! It’s your project finally 🙂

My Dream Board looks at the final effect looks like that:


I hope you got some inspiration and you’re ready  to take some creative actions in designing your vision / dream board!


Good luck !