The Most Inspirational People in 2017

2018 just started and I feel so grateful and excited about what is yet to come!

Have you all made New Year’s Resolutions? Yes, no? Well there’s no good or bad answer. Studies show that more than 70% give up on their aims in the beginning of February. I know how hard is it to keep up with what you said you will do. Sometimes though, to look forward, and think about the future you have to step back, and see what went wrong or right in the past.

First advice would be to learn on your mistakes, to not repeat them in various ways. Often we don’t even realize why we’ve failed, but after taking a moment and thinking what was behind our behavior everything starts to be clear.

2017 was challenging for me. I had to make serious decisions. I guess I was being tested on my priorities in life. Probably you have had some similar situations in your life, when you thought life’s too beautiful to be true, and then you have been taken that away. At that particular moment you felt like it’s the end of the world, but it wasn’t! It strengthened you. Helped you see things more clearly and appreciate what you have.

At the same time 2017 was really inspirational year for me. I’ve been reading a lot of books from people who changed a game in personal development and travel field. I’ve been looking for tips, clues, and advices from people who despite their background and previous failures showed the World their greatness.

I am pretty sure, that in 2018 they will still rock!

So here you go, Ladies and Gentleman, The Most Inspirational People of 2017 in my opinion! Along with their one quote that made so much sense for me in 2017

1. Aggie Lal

Incredibly inspirational woman, both in personal development and in travel. She shows how to actually make dreams come true by being true, consistent and by loving what you do. Absolutely adorable😍💞

Her Instagram is filled with stunning photos from all around the world, you should definitely have a look!


“I don’t want to be ‘happy’, I want to live my life with passion, with hunger and a desire to live the most extraordinary life I’m capable of. So yeah, don’t have a happy new year, have a passionate and brave year!” 

Truly inspirational! Passion, and following it even with simple small steps is going to be something that I am going to focus in 2018 definitely! My list of countries To See is Longer now because of her!


2. Tony Robbins

(Photo Credit: Randy Stewart,

If you somehow don’t know Tony Robbins, let me introduce you to the World’s Most Known Speaker, Author of many books and Entrepreneur. His motivational books and videos are having millions of views. He is speaking from his own experience. He spent years on discovering patterns of human behavior, and now is teaching his audience how to discover yourself, and strive for better.

Thanks to him in 2017, I’ve raised my standards and learn more about personal and financial development. His books “Unshakeable”, “Awaken the Giant Withing”, and ” “Unlimited Power” were ones of my favorites.

Too many great sentences to quote! But here’s one of his, that I’d like to remind myself when I felt that I am standing in place without progress:

“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress. You’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying” 

He is the proof that small steps in your life are actually big ones! So don’t give up and go for it one step at a time!


3. Gabrielle Bernstein

One of the Best Selling Authors of Personal Development Books. People – she has a gift, the way how she is making you feel about yourself is great!

Motivational speaker, who was featured at Oprah’s Winfrey show.

She is not hiding from how lost she was couple years ago, with all kind of addictions. After many years of practice self understanding and listening to inner voice she became a leader. Her peace, light and calm helped me notice in 2017, that if you want to fix the world, you have to fix yourself first. Take a moment daily to be grateful and notice your feelings. Don’t push them away!

When I first got her “The Universe Has Your Back” Book, I was enchanted, and read after that straight away another 2 of her books “Spirit Junkie” and “Add more -ING to your life”. Before going to sleep, I’ve always read a chapter! Now I have trouble to pick one of the quotes, because she has so many of them!

“Let go of the how, and start to allow” 

Me, being impatient, and in love with the planning, reading that sentence was really hard to understand at first. If I’ve planned something and then it turned out I didn’t make it I was so miserable, and my motivations constantly went down.

But she is so right! We really need to let go of the too detailed planning of our dreams, and just believe that God / Universe planned for us something really great!


4. Sophia Amoruso 

Oh Sophia, Sophia!

Entrepreneur, founder of Nasty Gal brand and author of books. Incredibly honest and true. She doesn’t care what other people think or write about her, she just does her job, with raising the bar for herself. She doesn’t know what means “giving up” even when the life situation and people around you say that you’re a failure.

Strong woman, maybe even role model? She is a badass and probably she wouldn’t agree to being role model! After reading her book in 2017, I’ve read a lot about her and situation that she had to face last year. Watching the way she is going through, gave me wings and if she can deal with problems like that, hell yeah I can deal with mine!

““Each time you make a good decision or do something nice or take care of yourself; each time you show up to work and work hard and do your best at everything you can do, you’re planting seeds for a life that you can only hope will grow beyond your wildest dreams. Take care of the little things—even the little things that you hate—and treat them as promises to your own future. Soon you’ll see that fortune favors the bold who get shit done.” 

She taught me to take care of small things, and see opportunities for grow even in every day life.


5. Richard Branson


Entrepreneur and philanthropist. Always raising standards and looking beyond what’s (im)possible. While working for him in 2017, I’ve noticed that all of his employees are treated equally, and more importantly, they are the center of the brand. In his books he underlines importance of being passionate and have a heart to whatever we do. Now he’s preparing and boosting his fitness, to go for a journey into space! Knowing you, Mr Branson it will be possible !

“If you’re dreams don’t scare you, they are too small” 

I’ve got only big dreams so I hope I am on the good way now! As I am feeling both excited and scared for whatever is yet to come! 🙂


(Photo Credit: Richard Branson, By Chatham House –, CC BY 2.0)


6. Anna Kendrick 

The only actress in this compilation. Very funny and authentic. Her book “Scrappy Little Nobody” showed that her private life might be still awkward and completely relatable. You feel like she’s the girl from neighborhood, and you get to know lots of her secrets, and funny stories from backstage of Hollywood.

In sarcastic way she tells about her lifestyle. Great entertainer! Modest and not modest. She can make a jokes from herself, and despite her fame, she is still able to keep her feet on the ground.


“I am amazing”

Yes that’s what she said in public television. Wow how could she? Some of you might ask. But I loved it, she knows her worth and sarcastic and modest way she used to say, conquered my heart. It’s important truth! To know your strengths and weaknesses, and speak about them openly to the world. Her courage inspires me so much.


7. Anna Skura

(Ania’s Instagram: )

Absolutely beautiful soul! Travel and fashion blogger, inspiring with every post she is adding. In 2017 she showed to lots of people a power of not giving up and accepting their flows. She is telling us to appreciate every moment, to be grateful for what we have but strive for more, and don’t be afraid of making our dreams come true.

Her Instagram rules, her adventures  and new stories make me believe even more in myself. Her last trip and climbing mission to Aconcagua have been live, and she wasn’t afraid to show us how hard it really is for her. This courage and approach to struggle is something that made me fall for her even more!

“If you dream about something, don’t put it away in time, start acting towards it now”

And I am starting now!


I act with a faith that what’s great is yet to come, and the most important moments are just going to happen !

Lo mejor es lo que viene!

Gorgeous people, I hope you found some true inspirational people to somehow guide you in 2018!