Harry Potter Studio – Why you should visit it during winter time?

Happy New Year!

Last year (which well, was 2 days ago), I was waiting for my Birthday super excited! I was counting days and hours, mainly because my birthday gift was …

a visit to Harry Potter Studio!

As I am really big fan of this series of movies, basically since I was a kid, I couldn’t be much happier.

It’s right after Christmas Time, but don’t you worry, ‘Hogwarts in Snow’ will be available to see till 28th of January 2018. Trust me, it is so worth its price.


Studio Tour

Our tour was meant to start at 7 pm, but we’ve arrived there before time. We decided to have a look around the shop, which frankly saying – was really expensive as for an average person. But hey! You could have even tried on some clothes that you can’t buy on High Street 😉

Have you ever done one of the quizzes, which helps you find out to which House of Hogwarts you belong to? (If not, check this out: http://www.playbuzz.com/hannahblomgren10/what-hogwarts-house-would-you-be-sorted-into)

I am curious to find out your answers!


Let’s get it started

Welcome to the Hogwart’s, where not only time flies, but so are people and things (cars mainly).

After being briefly introduced to the history of making book and movie by our guide, doors to magical world has been opened.

First thing you can see is Great Hall. It is impressive, but I thought it will be much bigger though! But I guess it’s the cameras’ perspective:)

Christmas Dinner Meals were obviously fake, as we were said that during first recording, they were all real, and after whole day of shooting, with lights and hot temperature.. Well, you can guess 🙂

All Great Hall was decorated the same as it was at Yule’s Ball in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. Truly amazing. 

Do you remember beautiful Hermione’s dress from this ball? You are able to see actual replicates of her dress, and costumes of others as well.

Hogwart rooms

Moving stairs and speaking portraits. This reminds me of First Part of Harry Potter, which was one of my favorites!


They were leading to common rooms , where students of magic could have relaxed by fireplace in nice sofas


Now interesting fact about beds in Boys Sleeping room: those beds are tiny! They were made for 11 years old boys, and even when they outgrew them, camera wasn’t showing that.

And now Dumbledore’s Chambers

Potion Classroom, hasn’t only been Potion Classroom throughout 10 years of the Production. In a first part, it was changed to a room, where Three – Headed Dog guarded Philosopher’s Stone.

Scenes from the Movie

Quidditch – quite impressive how have they done it almost all by digital way! In studio you could have pick your broomstick and fly away! I liked it but it might be found quite intimidating as people in the queue might have stare at you and your screen with your effects 😉


Butter Beer Time! Non – alcoholic, and it was included in studio tour price. D – E – L – I – C – I – O – U – S


Last part was Hogwarts Building from outside. Project was done in 40 days, and all external shots of building were done thanks to this project, which had place in this room.


Final thought

Are you convinced yet? If you call yourself a Fan of Harry Potter Series, I think you should definitely check this place out! To actually see, and be in those places felt really magical. And now when I know more a background of production I might watch the series once again!