Early Christmas Weekend in Manchester

Christmas in November?

Christmas is almost here! Well, to be exactly honest, in United Kingdom it has been since 1st of November, right after Halloween. For some it might be too early (read: for me), but while being here third year in a raw, I’ve actually allowed myself to feel “christmassy” mood in the beginning of December. I don’t regret it! Preparing gifts for the closest ones, +gifts for birthdays (big part of my family have either Birthday or Name Day during this month including me!;) was a good fun.


Trafford Centre

To get in the spirit, and done some shopping for gifts, we’ve headed to Trafford Centre in Manchester. It’s the second largest Shopping Centre in the United Kingdom. It gets 32 million visitors annually. Actually. I am not surprised, every time I’ve been there, parking is fully occupied!

Even, while parking a car, you can see already Christmas Decoration and Santa Claus on the Tower. Yes He’s watching how you park! So be aware and watch the lines 😉

As soon as you’re walking through the doors you can hear “Last Christmas”, while looking at big “singing”(!) Christmas Tree! Well, at that time, when you thought nothing will surprise you more this Christmas.

Everywhere you see, is gold. Golden walls, decorations, fountains.  I am a fan of Sparkles so I really enjoyed it. I have heard opinions about it, that it looks like “commerce kitch”, well you can’t please everybody, so you’re all right to have your own mind about it!


Part of the Shopping Centre, with dining has been designed with completely different theme. Quite impressive, and well thought I’d say! Haven’t seen something similar yet.

It’s done in Titanic Style. + Santa Claus, Christmas Tree. And now if you’re polish you understand what word “Przepych” means.

It’s a lot going on, but still, interesting to see all of the decorations.


It’s been incredibly hot there, so we went for some fresh air, and we’ve seen another attraction. I don’t now how it’s called but I guess “Manchester Eye” ?


Christmas Market

After all of the shopping was done, it was a time for us to finally see the famous Manchester Christmas Market. Year ago, that was on our Bucket List, but we found out that 22nd of December Market was already gone. And you would have thought that it will be at least till 24th, right?

So this year we got to feel what word “busy” means.

There were many beautiful market stalls, with all kind of products, food, drinks, small trees (!). But you had to be really lucky to get to see it closer. (Now when I am thinking…maybe picking Friday evening wasn’t that great idea?:D)

On the Market you could have find many various cuisines, you name it. French, English, German and even Polish! Bigos that I bought was delicious, however… My grandma’s one is still rocking it!

But what I could not missed out on, was definitely Mulled Wine! Those who know me well, know that it’s the only type of alcohol I am drinking. So super loved it! Queue + price wasn’t that bad, when you had a choice of choosing mulled wine for example Blueberry tasted or Cherry.

Hot wine + absolutely freezing weather = dreams come true

Absolutely loved it. Especially the cup!

Weekend was amazing. If I could give you any advice though, pick early weekend, early hours if you want to see all the Christmas Market Stalls, without feeling squeezed by the crowd!

Ho ho ho!

Till the next time Manchester!


J xx