You have enough. You are enough.

1. You don’t need validation.

You don’t need to be told from other people that you are smart, beautiful, worth and smart business person. What will it change anyway? Will it make you feel good for a while and then again you will jump into self doubt?

I’ve been there and I believe all of us where, at some point.

Sometimes it’s just okay to be on your own, listen to all of the crap your mind is telling you. You’d say:

  • Why for?

Well, you need to know the disease, if you want to cure it. Everything that you think about your situation right now, about your relationship status, “always busy” status, financial or educational side, that is not satisfying you; listen to it closely. What is making you feel so uncomfortable? Which situations, places are contributing to it?

Maybe some of the most common system of beliefs? Let’s get closer look at it.


2. Popular phrases and how to overcome them.

  • I am bad with money / I wish I had more / Can’t afford it

Money are said to be “not that important” in this world. How many people though allow it to be so? Being miserable if they can’t afford things, going out with friends, travelling? I think I need to quickly remind: You’re in control. You’re deciding what’s enough. Paradoxically, those who live on the edge of poverty are happier and more grateful for what they have. Sometimes I really need to remind myself, that it is pointless to moan how little you have, or how bad you’d like something new. That will give you nothing but misery. Instead, focus on how much you already have. Embrace it! There will always be people who have less or more than you. Trust me; start with the point that you have all that you need for this moment.


  • I am not looking good / I am too fat / too thin / I can’t eat that much

No matter what your mind is telling you, your first words to yourself should be “I love myself as I am”. You don’t like something about yourself? Identify what it is, and if it’s possible try to change it! Nothing is stopping you, beside…yourself. Your old system of beliefs doesn’t let you change. Your ego likes how it is, and everything it’s unsure of, it tries to eliminate.

It shouldn’t matter what somebody said about you, if you’re happy with yourself right? Because that it’s all about, within common sense. Haters gonna hate, and if being Victoria Secret Angel is not your dream, then create your own dream and be best possible version of yourself. It’s worth it.

  • I am not that smart / successful / I have no idea what I’m doing with my life

There is one quote which describes the answer on point:

“Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time”.

Your time will come, but in the meantime, concentrate on your favorite things, expanding your current knowledge. Do something fun! Make friends and memories. If you will not allow other people to indicate what means successful, you can be successful even today.

With career you already have (some people might be dreaming about it); with family you have. 40% of the people in the world speak just one language. Can you speak more than one, or you’re still learning? Find yourself smart! Have you seen more than one country? Have you been travelling? Well, you are in majority!

Appreciate things you’ve achieved so far and you’re halfway there.


When I will find the love of my life?

  • I feel like that should be separate topic as I have so much to say about it!

I can’t tell you when that will be, but I can suggest you to:

– What kind of woman / man would you like to attract? Focus on his / her attributes, passion… and then imagine what kind of partner that person would like to have relationship with? Might sound little bit complicated but let’s break it:

  • If you would like kind, honest, truthful other half –> become one. No more flirting with everybody, no more lies.
  • If you’d like other half that eats healthy and is fit –> you know what you have to do! And so on, so on.

– Spare time for yourself. Write down everything that you appreciate about yourself. Try to love yourself. Be proud. Know your flaws, embrace your strengths. Don’t hide things. Don’t chase people who don’t belong to you. Right people will come to your life and stay.


Summing up: