The difference between understanding and doing. Case: Happiness

Excuses, excuses.

I decided to be happy. Not because it’s trendy or in fashion.  I was too tired being miserable, and putting every time the blame on the grey weather, University, Customers, Work, Headache and so on. That’s just not working. What does it change in your life, saying that everything you have or don’t have it’s not your fault? Those are just circumstances which I am not in charge of?  How does that make you feel? Maybe good for a while, but then you’re coming to the point where you feel helpless and powerless.


Discovery of America.

What I’ve discovered, and truly found out, is that you can change your life just by…decision. Yes, that might be shock for some of you, I’ve discovered America! No, just simple fact, that I have read throughout years so many motivational books. I have watched thousand of motivational movies on YouTube, listening to audio books on my way… I’ve been looking for an answer to success, happiness there. It is essential to say “OUT THERE”.

But…How can you be happy, while looking for happiness sends out to the world “needy vibes”? Law of attraction states that which vibes you send out, that’s what you get at some point. Understanding it doesn’t necessarily means that you are on the way to improve your life. I’d say for me that was quite long way between understanding, and actually incorporating it to my life.



Decision to be Happy. Taking responsibility for your life. Acknowledging that everything you have or don’t have it’s because it’s meant to teach you something, bring closer to love and understanding.

Decision to be grateful for everything you have right now. Daily practicing gratitude and appreciation will bring you closer to happiness right here, right now. Focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t have yet.

Don’t say “I will be happy when (insert here your usual excuse)”. Because trust me, that moment will never come. Or even if it will, it will soon pass as this moment that you were waiting for.

Start living and be happy from today <3