Neuschwanstein Castle – overview and interesting facts

It was love from the first site. Since then, I am constantly enchanted by its magnificent look. Obviously, it landed on my bucket list. Neuschwanstein Castle, in books is described as a:

“Castle from dreams converted into reality by the whim of one King”.



Little Background:

*Built from 1869 – 1889

*Located in Schwangau, Germany (Close to the boarders with Austria)

*The Palace was home for Ludwig II of Bavaria

*Castle was filled with latest technology like heating, running cold and hot water


Interesting facts:

*4.5 years sculptors were carving bed for the king

*during Second World War, German Bank kept its gold in the castle

*in 1945, SS was considering blowing up the Castle, in order to prevent enemy of taking it over, with its gold and art

*tours are 35 minutes long, for security reasons

*Neuschwanstein was an Inspiration for the Castle of Disney’s’ Sleeping Beauty.

*King was expecting a castle to be built within 3 years




*1.3 million visitors per year

*61 million people visited it after King’s Death)

*main foreign tourism market: Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Italy (2017)

*area is not adapted for disabled tourists’ needs, as it is not easily accessible


How to get there:


Neuschwanstein Castle is located around 100 km away from International Airport in Munich.

By car, you can get there in less than 2h, or public transport in 2 – 4 hours.

Bus price: £8

Train price: £18






Early booking of the tickets is highly recommended, as in its busiest periods, castle is visited by 6000 people daily. Price for entrance for adults is 13 euros, which makes it around 12 british pounds (with current exchange rate). All visitors under 18 have got free entrance ticket.


*** IF you would like to find out more:


This Castle really fascinates me, and I am really looking forward to see it in reality!