8 Good Things In October

October’s about to end, and I’ve done quick summary of things that caught my eye this month. They were rocking my minds during last 30 days, distracting me from work 😉

I am absolutely in love in all of them!

I will not tell you though much more in introduction as I’m not fashion blogger, just a simple girl, liking pretty things from time to time (come on, don’t judge, I betta you do too! :D)


1. Classic Black Boots – Melissa

I think first word that I would describe them would be sexy! They are made, like all of the Melissa shoes, from synthetic material, which actually makes it perfect footwear even for rainy days!

You can get it here:



2.Yankee Candle – Kilimanjaro Stars

I got it last Christmas, and absolutely adore it! Since then, my room has smelled like this. Sometimes I’m thinking about change…okay I do not haha. I am a huge fun of Kilimanjaro Stars, as it makes me feel like I’m in my country of dreams – Tanzania.

You can get it here:



That kind of bag has been on my mind couple years already. What stopped me from buying it? Simply me buying indecisive I guess.

The whole idea of O-Bag, is that you are basically designing your bag, starting from the body, handles to inserts. You can mix and match colors, materials, styles and much much more.

It is so much fun to do this!

You can design and get it here:



4.Boho Top

I would have never described myself as a boho lover in the past. But well, only tree doesn’t change its mind! Now my every second part of wardrobe belongs to this style. I love the colors, and style of this top. Recently, got almost the same one from House of Fraser, but you can find it online as well!

You can get it for example here:



5. The Universe has your back – by Gabrielle Bernstein

I know it might sound cheesy, but I absolutely adore Gabby, and her book(s).  I got to know her, while watching Soul Sunday lead by Oprah Winfrey. I think I am going to write a review about this, because it’s too much to tell about this book in couple of sentences! She writes about importance of your focus, affirmations and how to choose see just good in people.

All I can say, if you like Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy, you will feel sympathy to her as well.

You can get this book for example on Ebay/Amazon


6. Earth Necklace

What can I say.  I am a travel lover. I had a dream to do a tattoo with an Earth, or map, but that’s long binding investment! For now, I am going with safer option, still Earth, still close to my heart.  I’d say this necklace is unique, and something that I’d love to have.

You can get it here:



7. Leo Mazzotti Bracelet

Couldn’t decide on just one! Was wondering between pink and gold, but finally got gold one. Gives you a feeling of an elegant chick! Classy and matching all styles. Main ones on Mazzotti webpage are Italian, American and Australian. I am sure you will find something for yourself!

You can get it right here:



8. Coach Perfume

That was very spontaneous purchase. I definitely have too many fragrances at home but I am not regretting it! The smell is now my main one and I always put too much on me. Just love it. And the package is gorgeous.

You can get t in any fragrance shop, or online here:





And my personal winner of this list is….. Kilimanjaro Yankee Candle!


Let me know what your favorite thing was this October!


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