Birthday Gift for Him – DIY Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for gift for your Man you are in the right place. I am going to share with you my ideas for gift that you can either buy in shop or make it by yourself.

We all love to receive gift, don’t we? But you know what; I find more joy in giving them to my friends and family. To see their smile and happiness means a lot for me. Maybe it’s just me, but I am trying not only to buy gifts, but make something by myself, DIY projects. My creative nature helps me with it;)

I can then honestly say that I put all my heart into a present. Funny, but I feel so much joy of making those “little gift projects”!


Let’s start with something that I am really proud of, that I literally wrote from all of my heart.

I. Letters “Open when”

Whole idea of those letters is that they will not be read straight away, but with special occasion. So, I wrote categories for ‘open when:

*you miss me

*you are sad

*you want to know my dreams for our future

*you need to remember what makes me love you

*you are happy

*you are annoyed by me

*you need a pick me up

*you need motivation

*you need to know how much I love you


I am even now excited for Him to open them… Sometimes when I feel it’s the right situation, I am just saying “I think there’s a letter for that?” 😀



II. Scrabble

Well, last time it was Game of Thrones Monopoly, and it worked perfectly during winter evenings. I thought it’s time for little change, and play Scrabble, which in my relationship can work in two languages;) Can be played either with Polish or English words, so double fun!

English winter! We are ready for you now!

III. Scratch off map

Well, the truth is that is such a great gift that I could have it for my own as well. Scratch off map is like the name is suggesting a map, where you scratch off the countries you’ve been to. After scratching you see more colors. IF you’ve visited many countries you can be sure that your map is going to be really colorful!

Actually, with buying frame for it, it might be well presented on the wall in your bedroom or living room. I guarantee, all your friends are going to ask you about stories connected with those countries. You’re welcome!

(You can find it for example here:



IV. Game of Thrones

Is your man as well big fun of Game of Thrones? Do I have to say he will love everything that is connected with it? Here you’ve got some ideas, to choose from! (I can’t just limit myself to one, as they are all brilliant!). You can find all of them on












V. Sweets


Let’s put one day per year, healthy lifestyle aside, and get crazy! I’ve decided that it will be a good idea for Harry Potter fun, to get Bertie Bott’s jelly belly beans. If it happens that you don’t know what it is, let me tell you. Those jellies are supposed to have every flavor, so in package you can find tastes like banana, earthworm, grass, watermelon, sausage and so on. It’s very interesting experience to try them for sure!








After I’ve got my all gifts together, I have chosen to pack them in unusual way.  I have packed each one of them separate. When I got them wrapped up, I wrote hour on them, where they should be opened. Those were my instructions, just to make sure His day will be amazing, and he will be excited whole day waiting for another gift, every 2h 🙂 First gift, Birthday Card, opened up whole event at 8am, with letters “open when” ending at 9 pm 🙂





I really enjoyed writing this post, as this subject of picking and preparing gifts it’s really close to my heart.

If you’ve got any question, or struggling with what you should buy / do for your other half or friend let me know!