Birthday wishes

What I am grateful for?

Today it’s a really amazing day, one of my favorites (not just because my birthday it’s in exactly 2 months), but because it’s an important day for somebody who tolerates my cold feet. You are Number One for me.

I am really happy that I have an excuse to make your day even more special than usual.

Everybody expects (deep inside, but still) on their birthday, birthday wishes. We wish people many things starting with health, money, happiness etc. We somehow assume they don’t have it? Or they are not happy? Or they need some more of those things? Well, we all do it in a good belief, but sometimes (okay, in many cases) in the end of the day you just want to feel loved and appreciated, right? You just want to feel that somebody remembers and you are important for somebody.

What I would like to let you know?

That you will remember that birthday?


Everything that I am grateful for. Everything that you brought to my life, making it extra ordinary…

* warm feet – from somebody whose second name is “I’m cold”, that’s a big compliment

* solution to every problem – you should have golden medal so far

* patience towards my impatience – you taught me how not to rush things.

* every photo together we have – and memories which are shown there

* talents you’ve got – because that makes you exceptional and unique

*your look at me, after I’m saying something silly – yeah, well, that happens quite a lot

*good, pure heart – where you’ve found a space to allocate me some room

* our good mornings and good nights – always, everyday

* you let me be me – and  still laughing at my jokes

* to see how passionate you are about your hobbies – it gives me a power and motivation

* butterflies – every time that you knock to my door


You are my rock, and you deserve all of the best.

(That’s why you’ve got me)


Thank you for being you