Tale about patience

Tale about the patience.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Hard working, ambitious and kind. Was she a good person? I am not the right person to judge anybody. Some of the people might say kindness is a symptom of being weak, and not being able to be assertive. She had lots of friends, but when she could, she preferred to stay at home rather than going out. While staying in cozy bed, she was dreaming, and dreaming… Writing down everything that she wanted to achieve, see or be. Dream vision map? Checked. Pinterest account? Checked. 10 notebooks of dreams written down, laying next to bed? Checked. She was quite confident and ambitious, because everything she wanted to so far, she got, gained with persistent hard work. She had very clear vision for her life, which places she wanted to visit, career positions with exact years (and dates!) that those events should happen. Oh my, oh my.

Nothing seemed to be wrong right?  But there was a one thing, which that girl lacked.


She got frustrated, when everything started to fall, like house of cards with delicate blow of wind. Things that she planned for herself didn’t have place. It seemed like the end of the world. Control freak deprived of control. First world problems.

Just an average millennial, you’d say.

She was responsible but she gave up, because somehow her self-importance was shattered. She believed that if she didn’t achieve something, it was her fault.

Her ego felt down from Mount Everest to Mariana Trench. She couldn’t accept the fact; some things need time to occur. She wanted it right here, right now, but she didn’t get it.

What she did understand in the end, that sometimes you just have to wait a little bit longer, humbly.


I recently have heard, she is doing perfect, she believes everything has greater sense, and her ego and reality are adjusted to each other. Not bigger, not smaller.

Lesson learnt?

Expect unexpected. Don’t try to control things, that are far beyond your control

You always have to go with the flow, accept that anything that happens in your life, is meant to be.  It’s happening to give you a lesson, make you think.

Some things you cannot predict, and have control over. You need to go with the flow, “with the river” – my friend always says.

Even when you’re control freak like that girl, allow space for miracles. For unpredictable. Because what it’s destined for you, might be even greater that what you’ve imagined for yourself.



Have a wonderful Friday !