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Welcome to all of the travel lovers!

Third year of university just begun, and I have started to make plans (I actually think that planning is one of my favorites hobbies ever!). Plans related to magical time called “after graduation”. I swear, I hear this statement more times than I hear “it’s raining”, while being in United Kingdom.

The most common job or career that my friends want to follow “after graduation” is “I don’t know” and/or “I have no idea”.

Well, I am not going to pretend I have an exact plan what to do, or where to go, because it’s based on many assumptions. But that’s a topic for another post;)

I have done some research though, which might be very useful for some of you if you’re interested in any kind of Travel or Tourism jobs 🙂

I honestly have been considering some of positions showed below. Life will show if they are meant for me? Or maybe they are meant for you? It’s always worth trying! And give yourself a chance to have an amazing adventure 🙂

Let’s go!


IDisney Cruise

Advantages: You don’t have to pay for accommodation, meals or laundry. You can have access for cast only pools and free medical care. You will meet friends for life, and people who might share the same hobbies. Whenever you’re off, you might go to gym or Disney Theme Park with big discounts. 4 months cruising in Bahamas? Do I have to explain how that’s a definitive plus?! Let me quote the Employer:

“Applicants must be genuinely interested in living and working on a private island in the Bahamas”.

Emm..Well..Yes I am?!

Disadvantages: Long hours of working (12h on average, sometimes 7 days per week). I’d add to this long and difficult recruitment system. To get the job, you have to pass swimming tests (which I find difficult, but you don’t necessarily have to). Nature of this travel job means that you are away from home and your friends for even 4- 6 months(But Hey! You’re travel lover, is that even a disadvantage?)

Earnings (around): £1200 – £3000/month

More information:


II. Cabin Crew

Advantages: Lifestyle. If you love travelling, visiting new countries, meeting new cultures, that’s definitely job for you! You will have many possibilities to travel in your free time with discounts to different continents. Night in Tokyo? Couple days in Barbados? Gorgeous and professional uniforms are part of the deal! I’d say, one of the pluses of this job would be feeling of the accomplishment and being proud of yourself,  as the competition for this career is huge

Disadvantages: Early starts, late nights. Long hours of working. Possible jet lags. You will have not much time for your social life (flying will be your life). Not that satisfying salary (as I’ve mentioned before there is big competition, so if you’d not agree for that money, other person would do!). You might meet grumpy passengers. Your health will get weak.


Earnings (around)

Virgin Atlantic: £1100 /month

British Airways: £1750-£2100/month

Emirates: £2000

More information: 

Virgin Atlantic:

British Airways:



III. Receptionist

I realize that it might not be a dream job for many of you, but what if I’d say ..Receptionist in Luxurious Hotel in Dubai? You see how perspective might change your point of view!

It doesn’t have to be exactly United Arab Emirates. It might be any,  ANY country that you’d like apply for:)

Advantages: meeting new people every day, keeping busy, usually working specified amount of hours. You are going to get to know more about Hospitality and Tourism industry. After hours, you might go sightseeing the city or even the country which you’ve chosen

Disadvantages: low pay, sometimes  dealing with big amount of stress. Recruitment process might be more complicated if you’re applying to country where you’re not at the moment.

Earnings (around): £1200 – £2500

More information:


IV. Tour Operator Representative






Tour Representative is a person looking after customers, that bough package holidays at hotels. The most important thing for this job is to ensure everything is running smoothly for clients at the destination.

Advantages: free accommodation at resort (which might be everywhere starting from Carribbean through Ibiza or Crete). Free flights from and to resort, free uniform and free meals. 

Disadvantages: long hours of working (it’s not typical work from 9 to 5, and it might happen customer will need your advice after hours). It is position with big responsibility (if something goes wrong, you’re the first person that is going to hear about it). Work is highly challenging (customers might have high expectations). You might be away from home for months (for example summer season). Quite low pay. 

Earnings (around): £450 – £800

More information:


V. TEFL – English Teacher

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

You might be interested in teaching English abroad? Thailand, Cambodia, Kenya, Indonesia, China, Colombia? If that sounds like a great plan for you, read further:

Advantages: no degree needed. Orientation and support in country provided. Meeting new people and getting to know new culture. Low living costs in least developed countries.

Disadvantages: you have to be native English speaker (I find it as a disadvantage as I am not native, but still can speak this language)

Earnings (around)£300 – £1200

More information:


I hope you found some useful information here and now you know more or less what would you like to do 🙂

Honestly, those are the jobs that I’d recommend to my friends wondering what to do during their gap years or after University:) They all sound beside hard work, like quite creative careers to follow!


Which travel job from those mentioned above seems to be best for you? Or maybe you’ve got another idea for yourself? 🙂