How to be non – productive?

How to be productive? You will find thousands of information about it on the Internet these days. Every time that I read post starting with how to get up at 5 am, I am giving up, saying it’s not for me. This time I prepared something that I am finally good at! Especially with snooze button 🙂

Post is written humorously, with no intends to offend anyone 🙂


I. Don’t plan next day ahead!

You’ve got time. Actually, you have lots of time to do all the things that you planned to do.  Are they even planned if they are not written down?

II. Stay up till late.

It is surely confirmed by American Scientists that staying up all night, playing games and watching movies is healthy! So, don’t worry, press “play next episode” 😉

III. Have your alarm at 6 am. Don’t forget to hit your snooze button 10 times.

Finally opening your eyes at 9 am? It’s time to start your productive day from checking new photos on Instagram and what’s new on your Facebook feed. Make sure you’ve watched all of the cute videos with cats and puppies! They are making your mood from the morning, right?

IV. Realize that it’s already 11am and you are still in your bed.

You’re hungry. Your natural instinct brings you to the kitchen. Now you are standing before a choice, with similar value of Shakespeare “be or not to be”. What to eat?!  Okay, you’ve got this. That’s not a big deal. You’ve got some creative and healthy ideas. Why it takes so much time though to prepare this? Why is it 12pm already? You decide to go for your much loved milk with cereals after all. Easy decision made after one hour. Very important hint: over thinking is essential part of your process of becoming non-productive persona.

V. Doing actual work or uni? Don’t forget to get distracted by social media.

Check every single notification! It sure is important!

VI. Subscribe Netflix.

5 seasons of your favorite serie in one month? No problem! You can work on your social life later.

VII. Buy some sweets and fast food.

Those are perfect accompaniments for watching movies, right? Don’t you dare thinking about some exercises. Either way, your room is too small for it and gym is too far away. Saving energy!

VIII. Complain at your life a lot.

It’s rainy. And cold. Feel like giving up on whatever you do. Regret everything. Share it with your family and friends. They’d love this pessimistic side of you.

IX. Are you bored? That’s excellent moment to grab something to eat.

Hands up, whose favorite hobby is eating! That should be called working with passion. Food is passion. Food is love.

X. In the end of the day compare yourself to all of the people.

Admire yourself how good you are in saying that everybody is having careers, beautiful body, and moneyyy. You can never be like those people from the covers of the magazines. Point for you. You are the best in making yourself feel worse. You can feel now completed after whole day of hard work!

Great job!


And what’s your Ideal Receipt for being non – productive? 😀



Photos by Getty Images/Brand X