8 movies that you need to see

Welcome to all motivational movies seekers!

Autumn is here. Actually it was here even when the summer was supposed to rule.

Are you as well struggling how to stay on top of the game, when sky is grey and umbrella becomes your new best friend?

Typical image of happiest times is being under cozy warm blanket, having all around Yankee Candles and holding tight hot cup of the tea (yep, two years in England and I am drinking tea with milk, forgive me fruit teas!). Those evening are one of the best way to just zone out.

Having in back of my mind that dissertation won’t write it itself…I still watch a lot of movies, just with a little bit more of guilt.

I don’t like to waste my time though, so when I am choosing a movie, I always look for something motivational, funny and something that sends a message in the same time.


Here are some great movies (in my opinion) which made great impression on me and love to come back to them to boost my mood:

I. The Bucket List


Comedy played by two great actors, Nicholson and Freeman. It’s actually comedy about dying. You’d say ‘but there’s nothing funny about it’. Well, you’re right, but this couple shows how you should enjoy life to the fullness, without limitations. One of them is really stubborn with discovering the beauty of life as he thinks he’s got everything that he could get (he’s rich). This movie shows where our priorities should be. I’ve laughed and cried at the same time.

Lesson: Find a joy in your life. JOY In everything you do.





II. Brooklyn


It’s a story about young Irish emigrant, who after Second World War travels alone to United States looking for better life. Saoirse Ronan plays her character excellent, showing rainbow of emotions, starting from missing home and falling in love with a man of her dreams. She is torn between it, as she comes back home to her mother, wondering if choosing family over love was right decision. Incredibly in love with this movie, as concept of being emigrant is really close to me. Can at some point actually identify with her.

Lesson: Home is home. Not necessarily a place, but being with somebody you love.




III. Validation


After watching this movie you can’t stop smiling 🙂 It lasts just 15 minutes and can change your mood straight away. Hugh Newmann is a car parking attendant and he gives compliments to everybody. It works for everybody except one woman who is completely serious and refuse to smile. That becomes a challenge for Newmann.

Lesson: Sometimes you are not expecting how simple good words might affect other people. One compliment daily to stranger? Challenge accepted!






IV. Legally Blonde


Who hasn’t heard about Elle Woods? Cute, little blonde who is considered to be silly one and with no ambitions, shows the world who can she become. She applies and study hard to get at the end accepted to one of the most prestigious American Universities: Harvard. Sweet comedy. Boosting the mood.

Lesson: Do you have a dream? Go get it, and don’t care what other people will say, you are doing it for you!





V. Mamma Mia

I would say Mamma Mia is one of my favorite movies of all times. It’s cheerful, sunny (based in Greek Island – Skopelos) and funny. It’s a movie created for soundtrack of Swedish Group – ABBA, which again I am huge fan of! I don’t want to spoil anything for you, if you love ABBA and Greece, you will definitely fall in love in this movie 🙂

Lesson: Life is too short for being sad!






VI. La La Land


Movie with many reviews, many point of views, and Oscars. Some people love it, some of them left the cinema with tears in their eyes or upset that they wasted their time. La La Land is definitely a movie about chasing dreams in this case in Los Angeles, Dreamland some would say. Main characters strive to be noticed and at the same time improving themselves. In the end they came to the choice love or career? What they have chosen? We can’t judge !

Lesson: Work for your dreams, but at the same time remember about what is really important in life




VII. The Pursuit of Happyness


Title of this movie should say a lot. It’s about taking life into your own hands, not giving up and looking for chances everywhere. It shows how much sometimes you have to go through to get what you really wanted. Prepare to be moved by character played by Will Smith.

Lesson: Don’t let anybody to tell you that you can’t do something.






VIII. Untouchables

Remember watching this movie in school. It is about a friendship between paralyzed millionaire and previously convicted man. Great, honest comedy, with Paris in the background. Based on true story. Truly recommend to watch it if you haven’t seen it before!

Lesson: A true friend is the greatest of all blessings.






Maybe they all sound cheesy to you, but I simply love them. Every single one of the leave me with feeling of gratitude or make me feel deeper about my life. They leave me considering what I should be grateful for or what needs to be changed.


Now I would like to know what is in your top ten of movies! 🙂


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