Review of 2 years studying in foreign language in United Kingdom.

I’ve always loved challenges and dreaming about something that for other people seemed unreachable.

I’ve been looking for myself long time, starting in the high school, while studying biology and chemistry I was dreaming about being a doctor. Those dreams were crashed not even one time, but two times during 2 years, when I thought I was able to re-take exams and get 90%.

Wow! How confident was I at those times. Was it end of the world? Maybe I thought so for a while, but didn’t give up. I have expanded my interests, I had time to read a lot, and I caught interest in economics, business and tourism. I was accepted to one of the best Polish Universities (Pozdrawiam AGH !), but after half year I decided  that I need something completely new.  It was something that I have never expected that I will do, but deep inside it felt like the best decision at the time.

I moved completely alone to United Kingdom. Not knowing a person here, not having family or friends here. I have had though a need to improve myself, and to take the biggest challenge of my life – studying in foreign language.

I got accepted to Buckinghamshire New University with huuuuge help from Krzysztof Dargiewicz, who is in charge of “Studia w Anglii” webpage. Seriously, without him, I would be completely lost with all of the documents, applications, statements, and translations. It was true honor for me to get help from him and his team! I even don’t know how I can repay for their kindness and patience.



System of education in UK is completely different than in Poland. I am not saying if it’s better or worse, it’s just concentrating on something more than theory 😉

Your course got allocated Personal Tutor, who knows your name and actually is interested in your story (don’t get me wrong; studying in Poland, where your group counts 150 people, it is almost impossible that every tutor will know your name, and your hobbies).

My course counted 25 people in the beginning, which I like to think, gives you quite individual approach. I used to be shy, and haven’t said a word when there was a question in classroom, but now, if you know something, it’s natural you’re saying it. It’s both sided conversation, not just monologue.

I haven’t felt that confident though in the beginning, I had so many doubts. I have never had to actually use English in everyday life (from time to time, obviously I did). It was hard to transfer, but they say if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you, right?

You might laugh, but on every classes during first year, my Google Translate App, was on my phone desktop, ready to use it haha. I even had special notebook for new words, but with the time it was so many of them that I gave up writing them down.

And trust me. If you’re polish and afraid to speak English – don’t be! You are smart, and you will understand everything, sometimes even from the context.

I find it beneficial and life saving, that professors are sending to special e-learning platform all presentations and materials that were discussed during the classes. If I had any problems with understanding the subject, I have opened presentation at home, and went through it as many times as possible till I was satisfied with my knowledge about the topic.

There are not that many exams as in Poland, more poplar version of checking your ‘involvement’ is assignment. You are given with deadline that you have to keep. Usually you have at least one month to write it, because of the amount of topics you have to include there. I find it less stressful than exams, but it still requires from you doing some research and spending time on studying.

I do enjoy it, and I still have loads of challenges ahead, like writing dissertation and working almost full time to allow myself on being independent.

Were those 2 years difficult? Yes and no. They were challenging and there were several times that I was wondering what I got myself into. But it was so worth it!

Thanks to the decision to study in United Kingdom I have met the most important people in my life, learnt about diversity and that everybody is different.

If you’re now wondering if you should take this big step, and move to another country, where you will not speak your own language à DO IT!

ONLY YOU can review it after months, years, and say if that was a bad or good decision. I am sure it will be amazing decision, because everything happens for a reason! X