You will never forget what you never expected

First month working for Virgin Brand


First month working for this company is completed. I can say with hand on my heart that this place, this brand brings back your faith in people and happiness!

Let’s start from the beginning.

Let me introduce to you a father and owner of the success of Virgin Brand.

Ladies and Gentleman,


In my opinion, incredibly talented individual, amazing entrepreneur with ambition, vision and empathy.

Author of many books, for example:

*Screw Business as Usual

*Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School


I have read them as I am really interested in business related articles, books or movies. Those books made really great impression on me, as I haven’t met or even heard about somebody with such an attitude towards life, and I mean it with obviously positive way!

I am not going to write his biography (I guess Wikipedia is doing the job for me!), but just wanted to let you know that if you think this multibillionaire had just luck in his life to get where he is today you are compl

etely wrong. He started his entrepreneurial adventure while he was 16, by selling magazine in his high school. Since that time he owns and controls over 400 companies. I admire him because he has never given up, always searched for the best possible solution. What I am thinking that he has been concentrating more on how he can help other people and keep protecting environment on a big scale than the amount of money in his bank account. His way of thinking consists from analyzing how he can make people lives better, or possibly improving it.

Virgin Chapter

That was the time when I thought it is the right time for career change. Studying International Travel, and always being passionate about travelling, directed my thoughts towards Virgin Trains. I didn’t know what to expect at first. All I knew is that this company concentrates first on employees, then on customers. That should be everywhere! Only having happy employee, you can have customer who is content from received excellent customer service. Don’t get me wrong, but have you seen many of situations where unhappy and not treated well employee treats customer better than he or she is treated?

So… I got the job! Happiest moment in my life (all right, one of the happiest, love you T. :* ), felt like I am alive again!

First month consisted of training, 4 weeks away from home (should I actually say it as I am living 1400 km away from my home either way?).

But it was still far away from my home in England. Company provided to us everything, and if I am saying everything I mean..EVERYTHING that we needed. It went beyond my expectations what they have provided for us. People working in Training Academy were going extra ten thousand miles for everyone. Treating you as an important individual (that shouldn’t be an exception, but in some kind of environments you are treated like whole group with no special characteristics). They discovered what was exceptional in you, and helped you expand on it.

After one month I feel like I have gained whole new family, which I will be missing for sure, because after training all of us are going different way to their departments, their cities.


I have been through so many jobs, and I have never felt so happy waking up and going to work all excited what new day will bring.

Like company motto says:

You will never forget what you never expected!


I wish all of you to find that kind of joy in your careers!



Photo Credit:

Richard Branson, By Chatham House –, CC BY 2.0,