Are you friend of yours?

Have you ever thought about yourself as your friend?

What are you saying to yourself when things go wrong? When you didn’t pass the exam, your life opportunities disappeared in front of your eyes? When you wish your personal life wouldn’t be as complicated as it is? Which words are running through your head when your social life is not as fun and busy as it was before?

In moments of doubt most of us tend to give up on dreams, people, exercises, social life, call it however you’d like. Saying “That’s not for me”, “I’m too fat/slim/weak”, “I will never be as smart / famous / funny as…”, “I can’t see myself achieving a great success”.


Would you say all of those lousy and poor reflections at loud to a person who matters the most in your life?


Why don’t you believe in yourself when everybody around you is cheering for you? Why do you call yourself fat, while so many of people would like to swap figures with you?

Trust me, you are amazing “Just the way you are” as Bruno Mars is reminding 🙂


What are you saying to yourself on daily basis? It’s worth to have a closer look at least one day, to observe what your mind is whispering to you. You are the master of your sea! You can easily identify which thoughts make you happy, and what makes you being excited about. Try to come back to them whenever feeling down.

You should give yourself a chance to be your best friend. Respect yourself, be proud of things you’ve done! Nobody else has been through what you’ve been through. You survived 100% of your bad days 😉


Whoop whoop! That was long introduction, which might sound too theoretical. Why am I writing about this?

I’m trying to challenge myself for being more friendly…with me. I care a lot about people around me. I would do anything for them. I’ve always wanted to make the other person happy even if that meant I would miss something. There wasn’t balance at all, between what I was giving to people and how I was treating myself. I was friends to others, but wasn’t a friend of mine.


Now I want to make it better, think and care about the others, but not forget about myself either.  What’s my plan?

I’m starting to appreciate all of the small things about myself, giving a wink in a mirror;) saying “you’ve done it, I am so proud of you!”

Looking from the other perspective can help a lot. I might have challenging days, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to make it through! I’ve always (somehow) done it and it made me stronger.


This time I will just say to myself, good job young lady, you made it 😉 You have control and you’re back on track!