Trying to be perfect?

Well, I definitely am.

I bet you’ve heard so many times in your life quote “Nobody’s perfect”.

But I also can bet, that the same time you were thinking: “Wait…what about her? What about him..? They’ve got great body/fortune on a bank account/health/fame, etc. etc.….

I do have role models in my life. Every day I am learning how to be like them. Not copy paste them obviously, but how to be as kind as them, or be in the place where they’re now.

There were the times in my life that I felt miserable seeing so many successful people around me. Voice in my head was saying “they are so lucky”.

But now I know I can be too! Those people ARE lucky, not because of the destiny or magic fairy. Hard work was and always will be the factor, which differentiate average from successful.

Do you feel uncomfortable around “perfect” people?  You shouldn’t. Learn a lesson, take an example, and incorporate it into your own life.


I was afraid, so many times to start new things. Why? I know I love changes.

I solved this mystery in at least expected moment.

I wanted to be perfect and successful from the beginning of starting something new that I didn’t know about. It seems funny to me now, how I didn’t see obvious truth!


As Darren Hardy said in his podcast:

You are going to suck. But made mistakes will lead you to improving yourself in a way, that no books or advises from professionals will do.

I have dropped too many things, because I’ve sucked at it. I haven’t been able to see myself doing it better.  I was always giving up to early, blocking myself a way to success.


It’s okay to tell to yourself “I suck at this”. Facing the truth might be full of relief, because from now on you are going for a crazy and unpredictable adventure called LEARNING.

Nobody will take away from you knowledge and experience which you will gain on a way.


And one day, you will look back and say to yourself