Why fit in when you were born to stand out? #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

Book is absolutely addictive. I managed to finish it in two days. Have had it on my “Book’s to Read” list from a year or so, but always was finding a ‘better’ title to read.

It was until one month ago, when I found out about Netflix serie, which was based on this book. I thought I will give it a go, just to check if it’s worth reading an original. After first episode, I have already ordered a book, which was one of the best decisions ever!

Book is written by Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. In a funny but also straightforward way, she describes her life. Sophia in every chapter reveals which situations in life brought her to the moment when she became the Girlboss.

Her business started from nothing, while she was 23 (selling old vintage clothes on the Ebay) and after just 7 years she got to the place where her company’s worth over $100 million.

I fell in love with the book, with her style of writing. She treats reader like a friend, giving her/him a motivation tips. One of her favorite’s quotes is:

Treat your mind like your money: Don’t wa$te it

She expands on it, by a warning, to not let your negative emotions ruin your successful vision.

Amoruso is not describing herself as a better or worse than the others, opposite, you can feel at some point in the book that she might be just like you! She was changing jobs many times, always was living by her own way, own style. Sophia admits, there were a times she thought like she didn’t belong to any of social groups, always felt like an outsider. She wanted to work on her dreams, not on working for somebody.

She didn’t know how, or when, but she was sure her (back then) complicated life, will be one day just a memory.

Sounds familiar to some of you? Well, don’t worry then! She worked out quite well!

In 2017 her net worth is estimated $280 million. She was able to

turn around all of her failures (she doesn’t call them like that, in fact she calls them ‘lessons’) into successes.

She points out that hard work always pays off, if you just believe in yourself, even when the times are not good. Finally, passion, knowledge and experience are something that cannot be taken from you.


(photo Credit: Sophia Amoruso Instagram, 2016)