Diary of traveler: Lanzarote

Being in love with Spanish culture couldn’t end up this holiday different way.

When whole world got crazy about “Despacito” (eng. slowly) song, I’ve decided to slow down after busy year studying and working at the same time.

Canary Islands were from my small ages a dream, that I knew I will fulfill one day, and that day came this year!

I admit, choice of choosing which Island we should visit was quite random, but it was just right!



*4th largest island in Canary Islands Archipelago

*3rd most populated island in Archipelago

*located 125 km from West Coast of Africa

*flight time from London: 4h

One interesting fact is that you hear English speaking tourists as much often as Spanish locals/tourists. It seemed like half of the island is populated by English!

When I came back, I have checked that actually 28% of the Island is populated by foreigners (fifth of residents are British nationality).


We’ve stayed in small marina town: Puerto Calero. Hotel wasn’t in the centre, but that allowed us to walk and admire nature and beautiful views, so definitely not regret it!

One thing that no one tells you about:


Yes, I said it! That happens because of really strong wind, which used to happened every day, and evenings were colder than days because of it 🙂

Actually I really loved it! While sunbathing, you haven’t felt the heat, because of that. It cooled down your body perfectly, allowing producing vitamin D even longer (with obvious adequate protection!).


Everybody is different, so you will like diverse things. But here is what I fell in love with it, so you might get some suggestions for yourself while preparing for sightseeing!

It is strongly advisable to hire a car. It is simply cheap and the roads are amazing to drive on. For 3 days of hiring a car we have paid 75 pounds (25 pounds per day for 2 people, so you do the math!).



  • Playa Blanca


Gym at the open air with stunning view? Anybody?


  • Timanfaya National Park (volcanoes)
  • Los Hervideros
  • El Golfo ( with Green Lake)

And the most important thing: Lo mejor es lo que viene!

The best is yet to come 🙂