The power of words

The title of my first post is not random. I’ve got so many thoughts coming through my head right now! One of them – the loudest one – says: Yes, you did it!

What I did?

I’ve brought my dream into life. Dream which became a plan – start writing. Before, almost nobody knew about the fact that I have been doing it for couple years now. In a quiet room, in a notebook.

Thinking about that now it’s kind of weird, isn’t it ? Because I was shy, but in the same time confident enough to speak at loud about my dreams.

Now I am definitely not shy, ready to share with world my own thoughts. I always value opinion of the others and now I know that I am neither better or worst. I am important, just like you, reading this 🙂

I am not afraid to say at loud what I am dreaming about, I know deep inside that I will make it come true .



Even when I am hearing giggling of ‘true believers’ 😉

Because I am not giving up, and every “failure” is just a lesson for me.

I am ready for next challenges, are you ?

Hope you will find here something for you!

See you soon my friend!

J xx